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Property Repairs

You never want the Lender sending you notice of pending Power of Sale. It hurts your credit, erodes or eliminates your equity and places an emotional drain on you and your loved ones. Other solutions providers, offer to assume your mortgage, take title to your property and pay you only enough for first and last months rent, but they will only do this if you have 30% equity in your property. I do not want your equity and frankly if you have 30% equity in your property why should the bank or a vulture fund take ownership of it, it is your money.

I get in-between you and the bank and other lien holders such as realty taxes. I make good on past arrears and guarantee the lenders future payments until such time that we can sell your property and get out the equity that belongs to you.

Keep you hard earned equity! Keep your credit in tact and find piece of mind. Call me to to resolve your Bank related troubles.

No fee is charged for these services. Some conditions do apply but interest does not.





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When a property is cluttered and has obvious deferred maintenance issue, a purchaser looks for a deep discount from market value. I can assist you to determine what repairs should be completed to maximize value. Many of the issue such as de-cluttering, removing garbage and general maintenance will be covered by me.

Some examples;

painting      de-cluttering     garbage removal

caulking      cleaning           misc. repairs

The larger issues, I.e. roofs, city orders to comply and other major repairs can be funded by me and repaid at the time of sale with no interest.

Do not let lack of funds reduce the potential value of your home!

Contact me today for a no obligation Property Inspection and Market Value Assessment.

Each situation is different so some conditions might apply.